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  • 2014-07-23  

    WoraPay raised funding from Entree Capital

    Mobile payment infrastructure company “WoraPay” ( raised funding from Israel’s venture capital fund “Entree Capital” ( Company will use investments received to further expand operations in the foreign markets.  ”WoraPay” was advised strategic and M&A advisory boutique “Quantum capital”, managing partner Viktorija Trimbel, and law firm “Baltic Legal Services”, partner Robertas Degesys. Legal adviser for “Entree Capital” from “LAWIN” law firm were led by partner Dovilė Burgienė. Transaction received clearance by the National Bank of Lithuania.

    “WoraPay” already operates in all three Baltic States. The company positions itself as a mobile payment infrastructure provider, enabling fast and convenient settlement for goods and services. It has been already integrated with „Wio“, „Paysera“, „Moblet“ (Estonia) and „Medicinos bankas“ mobile wallets.

    „Entrée Capital“ provides multi stage funding for innovative seed, early and growth stage companies all over the world. It has been founded by entrepreneurs having over 10 years of experience in successful investments and business development across all five continents. „Entrée Capital“ has specific experience in IT, payment, e-commerce and mobile industries. „Entrée Capital“ has already invested in other payment companies, such as „Flypay“, „mCash“ and „Scan“.

    More information in the media:

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  • 2012-02-07  

    A short overview of Lithuanian biotechnology industry

    Quantum Capital has prepared a short Overview of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Industry 2011-10-16 Lithuanian Biotechnology Industry Quantum Capital EN under request of Klaipeda Free Economic Zone management company, which is now being made available for the general public. For more information, please contact Ms. Indre Milukaite.

  • 2012-01-03  

    B@B newsletter, vol.17

    Our newest publication of Belarus business news for December 2011 has been just released. Read more on B@B, vol.17 .

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  • 2011-12-01  

    B@B newsletter, vol.16

    Our newest publication of Belarus business news for November 2011 has been just released. Read more on B@B, vol.16 .

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  • 2011-11-01  

    B@B newsletter, vol.15

    Our newest publication of Belarus business news for October 2011 has been just released. Read more on B@B, vol.15 .

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  • 2011-09-30  

    Quantum capital presented PPP and risk capital news in Lithuania

    Viktorija Trimbel, Chairwoman of the Board & Managing Partner at Quantum Capital, prepared an article “New financing trends in the Lithuanian market” for the British Chamber of Commerce: BCC paper autumn 2011, Banking & Financial Services.

    In this article we would like to highlight two recent trends in the Lithuanian financial markets that open up new opportunities to finance large projects and fresh ideas including potential for further cooperation between Lithuanian and British companies. In this article we will summarize developments in the field of private-public partnerships (PPP) and financing opportunities for start-up companies.
    While these are not novelties by themselves, we are witnessing increased efforts to promote new
    financing instruments and structures, success stories and dissemination of the best practices.
    Read more in the pdf file attached above
  • 2011-09-13  

    Questionnaire regarding SOE corporate governance

    You are invited to fill-in the Questionnaire regarding SOE corporate governance in Lithuania (Lithuanian language only).

    Kviečiame atsakyti į klausimus dėl valstybės valdomų įmonių (VVĮ) korporatyvinio valdymo.

    Ūkio ministerijos užsakymu, advokatų kontoros Varul ir strateginių-finansinių konsultacijų bendrovės Quantum capital ekspertų komanda atlieka valstybės valdomų įmonių (VVĮ), jų valdyme dalyvaujančių institucijų, kolegialių valdymo organų narių bei viešosios nuomonės formuotojų apklausą, kurios apibendrinti rezultatai bus naudojami ruošiant VVĮ Nuosavybės gaires.

    Apklausoje naudojami 4 klausimynai, pritaikyti skirtingoms respondentų grupėms. Maloniai kviečiame ir jus prisidėti prie VVĮ valdymo tobulinimo Lietuvoje, atsakant į klausimyną ir/arba teikiant savo pasiūlymus bei idėjas.

    Pateikiame Jums nuorodą į klausimyną, skirtą surinkti rinkos dalyvių, verslo organizacijų ir kitų pagrindinių įtakos grupių bei nuomonių formuotojų nuomones ir vertinimus apie įvairius VVĮ valdymo sistemos aspektus bei galimus tobulinimo elementus. Jūsų atsakymai bus naudojami apibendrintai tik tyrimo, atliekamo projekto apimtyje, tikslais ir individualūs atsakymai nebus atskleisti tretiesiems asmenims

    Maloniai prašome skirti kelias minutes Jūsų  brangaus laiko atsakyti į šį klausimyną iki 2011-09-16 elektroninėje erdvėje adresu

    Mums svarbi Jūsų nuomonė. Jeigu turite papildomų pasiūlymų dėl VVĮ valdymo tobulinimo Lietuvoje, maloniai prašome parašyti adresu

    Iš anksto dėkojame už Jūsų atsakymus.

  • 2011-09-01  

    B@B newsletter, vol.13

    Our newest publication of Belarus business news for the Summer of 2011 has been just released. Read more on B@B, vol.13 .

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  • 2011-08-15  

    Quantum capital will advise Lithuanian government regarding SOE ownership policy

    Quantum capital and the law firm Varul were awarded a mandate by the Ministry of Economy to analyse best corporate governance practices of OECD countries in managing state-owned enterprises (SOE) and prepare the Lithuanian SOE Ownership Policy.

    The assignment is expected to last 6 months. During the first stage, a thorough analysis of current SOE management policies and practices in Lithuania as well as selected OECD countries will be performed and recommendations made regarding the proposed alternatives to improve SOE management efficiency in Lithuania. Based on such feasibility study, SOE Ownership Policy will be drafted for the approval and consultations given regarding its practical implementation.

  • 2011-06-01  

    B@B newsletter, vol.12

    Our newest publication of Belarus business news for April & May 2011 has been just released. Read more about the most recent economic developments on B@B, vol.12 .

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